Barry Industries

Power Passive Resistor Technology and LTCC Multilayer Circuits for Defence, Commercial, Aerospace, Medical and Fibre Optic Applications.

Barry Industries is ISO9001: 2008 Certified

LTCC Multilayer Circuits DC through 60GHz operation Complete Transmitter/Receiver Designs Filter Designs PA and Mixer Designs Integrated passive components Foundry and complete design capabilities
Power Resistors, Terminations and Attenuators Power Ratings up to 1200W DC to 18GHz Operation Low VSWR All Brazed Assembly Alumina, AlN BeO BeO Free
Precision Chip Resistors Terminations and Attenuators Sizes down to 0.0202" DC to 40GHz operation Resistance values to 150,000,000,000 Ohms Tolerances of 1% available Alumina, AlN BeO BeO Free Engineering kits available for use in prototype development work with standard kits in 5% and 10% tolerances and in Standard RETMA values from 10 Ohms to 27 Megohms
Electroplating Facility Rack Plating Barrel Plating Customer Supplied Patern Plating Abilities to Plate Various Metals including Aluminum, Kovar and Brass Closed Loop Zero Discharge Facility
Custom Thick Film Circuits Up to 12 Metal Layer Capability Diffusion and Photo Patterning Laser Drilling and Machining Line Widths Down to 0.002"