Spectrum Microwave - 2

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Incorporating Amplifonix, EMF Systems, Film Microelectronics, Magnum Microwave, Q-bit, Radian, Sage Laboratories and Satcon RF & Microwave Amplifiers, Mixers, VCOs, Switches, DROs, GPS Filtered LNAs, RoJos, Couplers, Hybrids, IMAs and Thin Film Technologies. A member of API Technologies Corp.


Low Phase Noise Amps Ultra Low to -181dBc/Hz @100kHz
Low Noise Amps As low as 0.8dB
High Linearity Amps IP2 values to +120dBm
Power Amps Broadband 4W Models from 2-6GHz Class A, AB and C to 500 Watts
Rotary Joints Miniature In-Line Multi-Channel DC to 40GHz
RF & MIcrowave Mixers Double Balanced, Triple Balanced and Image Reject Mixers
GaAs and PIN Diode Switches SPST to SP5T, Switching Speeds to 6ns
Dielectric Resonating Oscillators Low Phase Noise to -143dBc/Hz
Phase Locked Oscillators Loaded with Standard Features Frequencies to 21GHz
Filtered GPS LNAs 1.6dB NF Filtering the GPS L1 and L2 Bands
Attenuators Voltage Variable and Digital to 63.5dB
Limiters and Limiting Amps Gains to 60dB with Frequencies to 1000MHz
Detectors Analogue and Threshold to 2000MHz
Thin Film Fabrication 360 degree Gold Wrap-Around Deposition, Polyimide Vias, Exotic Metal Sputtering
Sub-Systems and Integrated Assemblies Instantaneous Frequency Measurerment (IFM) Digital Frequency Discriminator (DFD) 2-18GHz Narrow Band, High Resolution Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs) Multi-Function Assemblies (MFAs) 0.5 to 18GHz. Solutions to 40GHz Wide IF Bandwidths
Screening to the tables of MIL-STD-883 available. Space Level enquiries also are welcome.