New Bliley OCXO Product Series

Friday 8th July 2016

Melcom are pleased to present Bliley's new range of OCXO product series:

Examples of new OCXO products:

LP102 - Low Power OCXO

Low power OCXO offers excellent frequency Vs temperature in a compact package where size and power are a priority.

  • 135mW steady state power
  • 350mW typical startup power
  • -125dBc/Hz @ 10Hz phase-noise
  • 0.5ppb/g acceleration sensitivity
  • Low power start up/fast warm up of < 1 minute 

Please Click Here For Datasheet



The Poseidon OCXO is a customised frequency range product designed for high vibration environments.

  • <2e-11/g acceleration sensitivity
  • -135dBc/Hz phase noise @ 10Hz
  • ±0.25 PPM 20 year aging ruggedized packaging
  • Capable of providing 30x -100x improvement in acceleration sensitivity over standard crystal oscillators.

Please Click Here For Datasheet