Melcom supply APIs new Broadband 8-12 GHz Limiting Amplifier

Wednesday 26th February 2014

Melcom Supply API's newly released Broadband Limiting Amplifier

API Technologies, a world class leader in amplifier technology, has announced a new broadband 8-12 GHz limiting amplifier ideally suited for demanding military requirements and high-end commercial applications such as microwave receivers, microwave telemetry systems, uplink communications platforms, instrumentation, and military communications systems.

It features excellent output flatness of 1 dB that is independent of the input, and allows for inputs levels from -20 dBm to -10 dBm.

API Technologies’ Model # BXL9812 uses an internal voltage regulator with reverse bias protection, which offers DC supply flexibility and control.
The new broadband limiting amplifier satisfies an industry need for a high performance, flat output response product, designed specifically for high frequency, wideband applications.
Although this is a standard part, API Technologies offers our customers the flexibility to customize the performance characteristics of this model to meet specific requirements.
High Frequency Range: 8-12 GHz
2-Stage Design
Flat Saturated Output Power (+10 dBm)
Allows for Input Levels from -20 dBm to -10 dBm
Utilize either a +12 or +15 Volt Supply
Internal voltage regulator with reverse bias protection
Operating Temperature Range: 25°C to +75°C
Hermetic Laser Welded Package for Extreme Environmental Conditions