Exxelia Group


Incorporating Eurofarad, Sic Safco, Firadec, Microspire, Dearborn Electronics, Temex Ceramics, Astema and Vertura. Exxelia Group offers Specialist Capacitors, Filters, Precision Sensors, Slip Rings and Wound Magnetic Components.

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Eurofarad Specialist Multi-Layer Ceramic and Plastic Film Capacitors. EMI/RFI, Energy and HEMP Filters. Precision Potentiometers, Slip Rings, Optical Encoders, RVDTs and Sub-Assemblies for Defence, Aerospace and Space Applications.
Sic-Safco Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors, Capacitor Banks and Modules for Industrial, Railway, Hi-Rel, Defence and Aerospace Applications.
Firadec Tantalum (Wet and Solid) Capacitors for the Professional Electronics, Space and Aerospace Industries..
Microspire High Precision Inductors, Transformers, Motor Stators and Windings for High Performance Applications in Professional, Defence, Aerospace and Space Markets.
Temex Ceramics Ceramic Single Layer and Multi-Layer Capacitors, Trimmer Capacitors and Tuning Elements. Ferrite Materials, Dielectrics and Loads for Telecom, Aerospace and Space.
Dearborn Electronics Specialist Film Capacitors for Defence and Aerospace Applications.
Astema and Vertura Component and Sub-Assembly Manufacturing.