G2 Engineering

G2-Melcom Radar Transponders, Test Equipment and Installation Hardware Providing Complete Radar Tracking Solutions for Missile, UAV, Towed Target, Drones, Manned Aircraft and Surface Vessel Applications up to 10GHz.


Radar Transponders

238G 5400-5900MHz 1W

248G 5400-5900MHz 20W

258G 5400-5900MHz 50W

249X 9000-9500MHz 2-20W

228G-8-6 5400-5900MHz 5W

229X-8-6 9000-9500MHz 5W

229X-8-1 9000-9500MHz 12W

302C-2-1 5400-5900MHz 400W

319X-9-1 9000-9500MHz 300W

410L-D Mode A 1030-1090MHz 250W

410L-D Mode A/C 1030-1090MHz 250W

Radar Transponder Test Sets

646-9 Open-Loop Only 5400-5900 MHz

646-9 Open/Closed Loop 5400-5900 MHz

647-9 Open-Loop Only 9000-9500 MHz

647-9 Open/Closed Loop 9000-9500 MHz

654-1 5400-5900 MHz 655-1 9000-9500 MHz

Radar Transponder Installation Hardware

Antenna Switch 735 Series Dual Band (G & I)

Power Splitter 853-2G2 G-Band

735-8-1 Dual Band (G & I)

895G Antenna 5400-5900 MHz

895I Antenna 9000-9500 MHz

845CX-2 Antenna 9000-9500 MHz

Miscelleneous Battery Packs 511

Series Custom Cable Assemblies

7650 Accessory Set