Kratos General Microwave

Herley General Microwave Designs and Manufactures both Custom and "off the shelf" High Quality Microwave Control Components, Attenuators, Switches, Limiters, Sources and Power Amplifiers to 40GHz for use in Hi-Rel and Defence Applications.

Since its inception, Herley General Microwave Israel (GMI) has been dedicated to designing and producing high quality microwave products that utilize and advance the state-of-the-art. This has resulted in the development of a broad range of high-performance microwave control components, sources and integrated assemblies. For many applications, the products described in General Microwave's catalog, an industry standard over the years, provide an excellent cost-effective solution. For custom applications, Herley GMI works together with its customers to develop optimal solutions for specific electrical and environmental requirements. After development of the product, Herley GMI continues to provide its customers with the highest level of support throughout the lifetime of the project.

Control Components Switches: Braodband, High Power, Reflective and Non-Reflective, High Speed, SPST to SP16T Attenuators: Digitally/Voltage Controlled, High Speed, Miniature. Phase Shifters: Digitally/Voltage Controlled Limiters: Broadband, Narrowband, Switched Limiter
Millitre-Wave Components Attenuators Switches Couplers IMAs
Sources Digitally Tuned Oscillators Synthesisers Frequency Locked Oscillators Voltage Controll Oscillators
Power Amplifiers Custom SSPAs
IMAs and Supercomponents Custom Capability