New Accubeat AR50A-05 Portable Rubidium Atomic Clock

Wednesday 8th March 2017

Melcom pleased to announce Accubeat's New AR50 Portable Rubidium Atomic Clock for Time and Frequency Disseminition and Synchronisation in a GNSS Denied Environment

The AR50A-05 is a self sufficient solution that addresses any GNSS denied environment (e.g. GPS/GNSS jamming or spoofing applications)
The AR50A-05 calibration case can be transported to the required site while the internal atomic clock keeps accurate TOD and 1PPS.


  • Portable Rubidium Atomic Clock
  • Internal rechargeable backup battery
  • Power supply:
    • 110/220VAC
    • Car cigarette lighter socket up to 32 VDC
  • Outputs:
  • TOD: Have quick, IRIG B (AM)
  • 1PPS
  • 10 MHz (sine)
  • TOD: Have quick, IRIG B (AM)
  • 1PPS
  • GPS antenna
  • Inputs:
  • Weight <13kg
  • Dimensions: 569 (w) x 155 (h) x 355 (d) mm
  • Set of cables included


Please Click Here For Datasheet