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Merrimac RF & Microwave Components, Multi-Mix Multilayer Technology, Sub-Systems and Integrated Modules to 60GHz for Space, Defence, Aerospace and Commercial Applications. A member of Crane Microwave Solutions.


Total Integrated Packaging Solutions® RF & Microwave Multi-Layer Components & 3-D Multi-Function Modules Incorporating Active, Passive and MMIC Circuits.
Multilayer The bonded multilayers, with embedded semiconductor devices, MMICs, etched resistors, circuit patterns and plated-through via holes, form a surface mount module which requires no further packaging. In fact, the MMFM® structure becomes the package. This small outline, low-profile structure is lightweight, and the surface-mount format is compatible with microstrip or coplanar waveguide.
Multi-Mix® Products RF Integrated Modules (VHF - MM Wave) Channelised Filters, I&Q Networks, Mixers, Vector Modulators, Multi-Mix PICO™ Quadrature Hybrids, Directional Couplers, Inline Multicouplers, Power Dividers, Phase Shifters & Hybrid Junctions.
Key Features High Density Circuit Integration. Size & Weight Reduction. Reduced Parts Count. Volume Cellular Applications. Improved Performance. Reduced Production Costs. Surface Mount
Hi-Rel and Space Qualified Products Filters, Switch Filter Banks, Diplexers and Multiplexers (up to 42GHz) Power Dividers, Combiners & Quad Hybrids Dual & Bi-Directional Couplers Mixers, Vector Modulators & Frequency Doublers I&Q Networks, Complex Modulators & Demodulators. Hybrid Junctions & Beamformers Voltage/Manual Controlled Phase Shifters Electronic/Manual Control Attenuators
Packages SMD, Flatpack, PCB Mount & Connectorised.
Merrimac's Space Qualified Products (MSQP) Standard method for customers to procure Space Qualified Products based on Merrimac's 30+ years of Space Component, Supercomponent and Sub-System Design, Manufacture and Test. This program has proven to reduce cost and lead-time for Space Qualified Products.