Spectrum Microwave - 1

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Incorporating CMT, FSY Microwave, MicroNetworks, National Hybrids and Salisbury Engineering RF & Microwave Filters including Bandpass, Lowpass, Highpass and Band-Reject Filters. Diplexers, Triplexers and Multiplexers to 40GHz. Data Bus Transformers. SAW Resonators, Filters, Oscillators and Delay Lines to 40GHz. Patch Antennas and Assemblies for Satellite and Wireless Ground Based Data Systems that utilise GPS (L1 & L2), GlobalStar, Iridium, Inmarsat and ISM Systems. A member of API Technologies Corp.


Cavity Filters High Selectivity Models to 40GHz
Lumped Element Filters High Rejection Designs to 100dB
Ceramic Filters Low Cost, Low Profile Filters to 2000MHz
Tubular Coaxial Filters Extremely Low Loss to 0.1dB
Diplexers Multiple Topologies, Innovative Designs
Triplexers High Rejection, Low Loss
Multiplexers Custom Solutions to 40GHz
Switched Filter Banks Fast Switching Modular Designs
SAW Technology Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Resonators, Filters, Oscillators and Delay Lines.
Packages Through Board, Surface Mount, Connectorised and Custom Designs Available. Metal Impregnated Plastic.
Multi-Function Assemblies Vertical Integration Combining 65 Engineers plus In-House Thin Film Fab Capabilities offering expert Custom Microwave Solutions to 40GHz
Build to Print State of the Art Manufacturing including Micro BGAs, Die Bonding, Fluxless DAP Soldering, Gold Ball Bonding, Wedge Bonding, PCB Assembly and Thin Film Fabrication