Belcom Microwaves Ltd

Melcom are appointed resellers for Belcom Microwaves.

Belcom are a leading developer and manufacturer of both low and medium power Block Up Converters (BUCs, C and KU Bands), as well as other RF related products

With a proven reputation for reliability, strong engineering capabilities, efficient manufacturing techniques and the market's best support team, our clients are guaranteed the highest level of product performance

C Flame - Medium Power BUCs

Designed to be simple and robust, FLAME is cost effective and delivers top performance and reliability.

  • Competitive pricing 
  • Output power: 10W, 20W, 25W & 40W 
  • Available in C, Extended C and Palapa bands 
  • Complete 3-years Warranty plan 
  • Guaranteed 21-day repair cycle 
  • AC or DC powered 
  • Operating temperatures: -40ºc to 55ºc
  • Synthesized L.O.
SPARK - Low Power BUCs

Built to robust and reliable, SPARK BUCs are rugged enough to withstand extreme outdoor conditions.

  • Available in C and Extended C and Palapa bands
  • Output power: 1W, 2W, 5W & 8W
  • Complete 2-years Warranty plan
  • Guaranteed 21-day repair cycle
  • Low power consumption 
  • Lightweight: 1.85 Kg
KU Band - Low to Medium Power BUCs

Belcom's Ku Series provide a simple, robust and compact size solution for applications in the Ku Band.

  • Available in Ku or Extended Ku Band
  • M&C TCP/IP functionality
  • Built in redundancy system controller
  • 16W - 25W
  • Low weight 2.5Kg
  • DC or AC operated
  • Operating temperature -40c to + 55c
  • 3 year warranty and guaranteed 21 day repair cycle time


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