www.microspire.com or www.exxelia.com

MicroSpire Designs and Manufactures High Precision Inductors, Transformers and Motors for High Performance Applications aimed at the Professional, Defence, Aerospace and Space Markets. A member of the Exxelia Group.


COTS Standard and High Grade Technologies Wide Band Transformers Common Mode Chokes SMD Coils Peaking Coils Current Transformers Line Matching Transformers
Semi Custom Standard and High Grade Technologies ETD Leaded Flyback Transformers Current Transformers RM Cores PQ Cores Molded Laminated Steel Products Toroids EFD, ER and EP Cores
Custom Standard and High Grade Technologies Drum Core Winding Plastic Injection Rotor and Stator Windings Planar Technology Coil Winding Self Bonded Coils Toroids on Plastic Headers
Medium Power Flying/Custom Terminations Foil Winding Triple Winding Inductors Double C Laminated Steel Cores Copper Plate Assemblies E Core Assemblies

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