Millimetre and Sub-Millimetre Wave Products including Attenuators, Frequency Meters, SSAs, Phase Shifters, Antennas and Quasioptical Products from 18GHz to 180GHz. A member of Smiths Microwave.


Antennas & Quasioptical Products Conical Horn, Cassegrain Reflector, Gaussian Optics Lens, Omni-Directional and Scalar Horn Antennas. Wire Grid Polariser, Orthomode Transducers. Linear Circular/Linear Opposite Polariser. Circular-to-Rectangular Waveguide Adapters. Monopulse Comparators.
Mixers & Detectors Detectors, Harmonic & Sub Harmonic Mixers. Upconverters, Biasable & Passive Balanced Mixers.
Oscillator Products Mechanically-Tuned, Voltage-Controlled and Injection-Locked Gunn Diode Oscillators. Gunn Modulators/Regulators. Multiplied Phase-Locked DROs.
Multiplier Products Active Multiplier Chain, Frequency Extenders. Fullband Doubler and Tripler, Varactor Multipliers.
Control Components Phase & Biphase Modulators. PIN (SPST, SPDT, SP3T and SP4T) Switches. Manual/Motorised Waveguide Switches. Voltage Controlled Variable Attenuators.
Filters & Ferrite Products Fullband Isolators/Modulators, Wideband Isolators and Modulation Drivers High Pass, Low Pass, Narrow Bandpass & Wide Bandpass and Iris Filters. Ferrite Circulators and Isolators.
Passive Waveguide Components. Crossguide Couplers and Hybrid Tees. E & H Plane Tuners, Bends, Twists & Tees. Terminations, Attenuators & Phase Shifters. Power Combiners/Dividers.
Test & Measurement Products Attenuators, Frequency Meters, and Phase Shifters.
System Products VSAT Terminals. FMCW and Pulsed Instrumentation Radars. Radiometer and Spectrometer Systems. Environmental Measurement Systems. Plasma Diagnostics/Interferometry.
Assemblies Upconverters, Downconverters, Receivers and Transmitters.
Amplifiers (Solid State) Low Noise Amplifier. Medium Power Amplifiers. High Power Amplifiers.

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