Sigma Systems(Thermal Platforms) and

Advanced Thermal Platforms (hot/cold plates) for Precise Temperature Testing. A member of inTEST Thermal Solutions.


ATP - Advanced Thermal Platforms Sigma Systems cryogenically cooled thermal platforms provide a flat, thermally conductive, precisely temperature controllable aluminium surface that is ideal for conditioning and testing devices which have a flat surface for conductive heat transfer.
Standard Temperature Ranges -100 deg C (w/L-N2) to +195 deg C or -65 deg C (w/L-CO2) to +195 deg C -40 deg C (w/refrigeration) to +195 deg C
Sigma Intelligent T-Drive Maintains an Effective Temperature Delta for Heat Transfer. Controls Overshoot. Respects the Limits of the Platform, the Controller and the DUT Limits Shock.
5 Standard Models/Sizes Model - working platform surface (inches) ATP294 - 6.75" x 6.75" ATP781 - 11" x 11" ATP870 - 6.75" x 20" ATP1265 - 14" x 14" ATP2555 - 18" x 22"
  • CE Certified for EU Compliance
  • Exceptionally Low Gradients
  • High Accuracy Temperature Control
  • Choice of Controllers
  • A Variety of Options & Accessories
  • Choice of Controllers (C5b, C5s, C5)
  • A Variety of Options & Accessories Available Upon Request


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