Stealth Microwave

Linear and Ultra-Linear Solid State Power Amplifiers from 290MHz to 14GHz for Wireless, Mobile Broadcast, Security, Surveillance, Commercial and Defence Applications. A division of Mercury Computer Systems.


Cellular/Global Standard For Mobile (GSM) Models in the Range 800MHz to 1000MHz. P1dB to +47dBm, Peak Power to +53dBm, OIP3 to +66dBm, Linear Gain to 58dB, SMA Connectors.
Personal Communications Systems (PCS) Units in the Range 1700MHz to 2000MHz. P1dB to +49dBm, Peak Power to +53dBm, OIP3 to +66dBm, Linear Gain to 57dB, SMA Connectors.
Universal Mobile Telecommunication Systems (UMTS) Models in the Range 2000MHz to 2300MHz. P1dB to +44dBm, Peak Power to +53dBm, OIP3 to +63dBm, Linear Gain to 55dB, SMA Connectors.
Industrial Scientific Medical (ISM) Wireless Communications Systems (WCS) Wireless Local Loop (WLL) Multi-channel Multi-point Distribution (MMDS) Units in the Range 2300-2500MHz, 3400-3700MHz, 5800MHz. P1dB to +50dBm, OIP3 +68dBm, Linear Gain 59dB, SMA Connectors.
Standard Features Single DC Supply of +10V, +12V, +24V or +28V, Over/Reverse Voltage Protection. Thermal Protection with Auto Reset, VSWR Protection. Temperature Compensation.
Optional Features Built-in Lineariser, Forward/Reverse Power Detection. Harmonic Filter, High Speed Switching, Integral Heatsink. Level Control, N-Type Connectors, RF Sampling. 19" Rack or Portable Lab Amplifier, TTL Logic on/off Control. *Not all options are available on all models.
Radio Link (SSPA) TWT Replacement Amplifiers Units in the Range 3700MHz to 11700MHz. P1dB to 45dBm, OIP3 to 55dBm, Linear Gain to 45dB. Exact drop-ins for Siemens/Thomson Models.
Laboratory/Wide Band Amplifiers Units in the Range 400MHz to 2700MHz. P1dB to 42dBm, OIP3 to 60dBm, Linear Gain to 51dB. Gain flatness is typically less than 1dB peak to peak for Multi-octave Units. 110VAC or 240VAC, VSWR Protection, Output Power LCD Display available, Internally Forced Cooled Air.

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