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THERMAL TEST SOLUTIONS Temptronic is the Worldwide Leader in Localized Thermal Inducing Systems (ATS Series ThermoStreams) Providing Accurate, Controlled Temperatures at the Test Site from -95degC to +300degC. A member of inTEST Thermal Solutions.

Bringing precise temperature to the test site for wafers, components, hybrids, printed circuit boards and other devices enables the user to incorporate temperature into any test equipment for characterizing, qualifying and performing fault isolation on a component, PCB, module or wafer for MilSpec, design or production testing.

With more than 37 years of expertise interfacing to the major ATE equipment and wafer probing systems, Temptronic's thermal inducing systems and accessories are an accurate and convenient solution. Whether thermal testing and cycling components, wafers, printed circuit boards, arrays, modules, MCMs, wafers, hybrids and ICs at precisely controlled temperatures at the tester site or on the wafer probing station. Temperatures range from -95°C to +300°C.

All systems are CFC-free and all systems are available compliant with the European CE standards.

ATS 500 Series ThermoStream® Systems -75 to +225 Deg C
ATS 700 Series ThermoStream® Systems -95 to +300 Deg C
High Speed, High Capacity Mobile Thermal Airstream Systems Benchtop & Portable Air Stream Temperature Forcing Systems. Variety of systems and temperature ranges available. Up to 18 scfm continuous airflow capacity. Fast temperature transition rates with no LN2 or CO2. Systems are mobile for portability between workstations or labs.
Precision Thermal Chuck Platform Systems Wafer Hot & Cold Chuck Testing, Probing and Failure Analysis. -65 to +300 Deg C. Low noise, high isolation configurations available. Available in configurations for most major, automatic and semi-automatic, probing stations.


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