For Civil Aerospace and Avionics Markets where safety is paramount, Melcom offers a range of approved Precision Mechanical Products and Electrolytic, Tantalum, Plastic Film and Ceramic Capacitors.        

Our extensive product portfolio includes:

Specialised Capacitors for use in:

  • Jet Ignition Systems
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Landing Systems
  • De-Icing Systems 
  • High Voltage PSUs
  • Harsh or Hazardous Environments

Filterconns for use in:

  • EMC/RFI Suppression 
  • Lightning Strike Protection

Specialist Slip Ring Assemblies for use in:

  • Transmission of DC and Video Signals in Rotating Systems  

Optical Encoders for use in:

  • Accurate positioning Systems

Precision Potentiometers for use in:   

  • Accurate and Repeatable Positioning and Actuation Systems. 

Rotary Joints for use in:

  • RF Rotating Systems for Airborne, Naval and Ground Based Applications   
  • Positioners, Gimbal Assemblies and Antennas