Polyflon is a leading supplier of RF, Microwave Laminates, Substrates and Variable RF Capacitors.

Polyflon's range of products and applications apply to various sectors including:

  • Defence/Military
  • Aerospace
  • Commercial
  • Medical
  • Space

Polyflon specialises in Electroplated PTFE

For many years Polyflon have been able to electroplate PTFE to any shape, any size to suit any specification. It is has been succesfully proven in many diverse applications ranging from microwave communications to magnetic resonance imaging. 

You may say, 'nothing sticks to Teflon' but Polyflon have been succesfully doing just that, for years!


  • Molecular bond between PTFE & electrodeposited material is very strong.
  • Reduces corona
  • Reduces interfacial losses
  • Improves mechanical connections
  • Applicable to the smallest capacitors to the largest imaging coils.

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