Melcom offers a comprehensive range of products for Test & Measurement, ATE and Instrumentation applications.

We support the following applications/products:

  • Rubidium Time and Frequency Sources
  • Cables, Cables Assemblies and Connectors
  • High Power Pulsed Power Amps for ISM Applications
  • Switches, Switch Modules and Matrices
  • Ultra Low Phase Noise Analyzers, RF Synthesizer Modules and Components
  • ThermoStream Temperature Forcing Sysytems 
  • Hot/Cold Plates and Thermal Chambers
  • mmWave Components, Horns and Instruments 
  • High Power, Multi Octave Couplers, Dividers, Combiners and Absorptive Filters for EMC and other High Power Applications  
  • Filterconns for EMC Suppression
  • RF Components for ATE & Instrumentation  
  • Cellular Mobile/Base Station Testing
  • Broadband High Frequency Combiners, Dividers amd Couplers