• High Power, Multi-Octave Directional Couplers
  • 0° Combiners/Dividers
  • 90° Hybrid Couplers
  • 180° Hybrid Combiners
  • Absorptive Filters and GPS Notch Filters from DC to 6GHz.
  • Power Capability from 5W CW to 100kW CW.
  • Mismatch Tolerant® Designs Operate at Rated Power into Severe Mismatches.

Markets include Defence, Commercial, Industrial and Test & Measurement.


Bi- Directional Couplers 10:1 Bandwidth Designs. Very Low loss. Coupling Factors: 6dB, 10dB and 20dB. Power handling: 200W CW/2kW peak. Frequencies in the Range 100MHz to 6000MHz. Ultra low Loss. Connectorized or Non-Connectorized.
Dual Directional Couplers Coupling factors from 6dB to 70dB. Frequencies in Range 10kHz to 6.0GHz. Power Handling from 10W to 50kW CW. Custom Models Available.
High Power Combiners & Dividers 2-way, 4-way and N-way Designs. Frequencies in the Range 10kHz to 6.0GHz. Power Handling from 40W to 20kW CW. Custom Models Available.
Combiners & Dividers for Distributed Communications Systems Single Band and Multi-Band Designs. 2-way, 3-way & 4-way Models. Even and uneven splits (3dB, 6dB & 10dB, 20dB). Frequencies in the Range 88MHz to 2400MHz. Power Handling from 20W to 500W CW. Simultaneous Transmit and Receive Capability.
Digital RF Power Meter

Instantaneous and Simultaneous Local and/or Remote Monitoring. Forward Power Reading/Monitoring (Watts or dBM). Reverse Power Reading/Monitoring (Watts). VSWR Reading and Alarm (Watts, Return Loss, Rho). Temperature Monitoring (with Alarm). General Purpose Inputs (6 ea) Multiple Use, At Customer's Disposal.                                                                                        

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Click Here For Full Datasheet


New Werlatone range of products in the 20-1000MHz & 700-6000MHz range:

New 90° Hybrid Couplers - Covering the full 20-1000 MHz bandwidth

QH10738-T & QH10594-102
(150 W CW Connectorised)

Key Specifications


  • 150 W CW
  • Connectorised or with Tabs
  • 0.65 dB Insertion Loss
  • 20 dB Isolation
  • 0.25 dB MAX Amplitude Balance

Click Here For Tabs Variant

Click Here For Connectorised Variant

(300 W CW Connectorised)

Key Specifications



  • 2 Way 90° Hybrid
  • 300 W CW
  • Connectorised
  • 0.8 dB Max Insertion Loss
  • 20 dB Isolation MIN
  • + 0.25 dB Amplitude Balance

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New 4-Way Combiner/Divider covering the full 1-6 GHz band


Key Specifications


  • 1-6 GHz
  • 300 W CW
  • Connectorised
  • 0.6 dB Max Insertion Loss


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Additional new components that support 1-6 GHz applications 

90° Hybrid Coupler

Key Specifications



  • 700-6000 MHz
  • 60 W CW
  • Surface Mount
  • 0.55 dB MAX Insertion Loss

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(90° Hybrid Coupler)

Key Specifications


  • 700-6000 MHz
  • 100 W CW
  • Surface Mount
  • 0.5 dB Max Insertion Loss


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(Dual Directional Coupler) 

Key Specifications


  • 1000-6000 MHz
  • 300 W CW
  • Connectorised
  • 40 dB Coupling
  • Max  0.2 dB Insertion Loss
  • Directivity 20 dB Min

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Directional Couplers :

Directional coupler design achieve upto 1000:1 bandwidths, while maintaining exceptional coupling flatness, directivity, VSWR and insertion loss. The C10561-Ag provides less than 0.1dB max insertion loss. 

C10518 - Connectorised

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C10561 - Surface Mount (SMT)

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Video Presentation

Hybrid Couplers:

QH10148 (2-6 GHz)

Please Click Here For Datasheet

& Video Presentation

QH10541 - (700-6000 MHz)

Please Click Here For Datasheet

Video Presentation

  • Superior component performance starting at 3:1 Bandwidth.
  • Multi-Octave, Broadband Quadrature hybrid designs.
  • Bonded structures which eliminate any air gaps between substrates.
  • More sections per bandwidth for better coupling flatness.
  • Thicker center boards for high power and increased repeatability.
  • Electrically shorter and physically smaller RF Components.
  • Both the QH10541-Ag and QH10707.Ag are surface mount couplers.

New High Power Radial Combiner

Ideal for Radar, Electronic Warfare and Telecom Systems

Model D9706

  • 16 way combiner covering full 2700-3500 MHz band at 6,000 W CW.
  • < 0.25 dB of insertion loss
  • Supplied with a Waveguide Sum Port connector (WR284).














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