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Holzworth Instrumentation is a Global Provider of Ultra Low Phase Noise, Single and Multichannel RF Synthesizers, Phase Noise Test Systems and Components for Hi-Rel and Defence Applications.

Holzworth Leverages Proprietary Architectures to Provide Phase Coherent Synthesis with Industry Leading Phase Noise Performance and Excellent Spectral Purity Inside Highly Compact and Rugged Form Factors.

The growing product line comprises a broad range of standard designs focused on Low Phase Noise and Jitter.

Each model is designed to meet the standards set by Hi-Rel manufacturing requirements, making every product ideal for integration into various OEM applications.


Application Note - Additive Phase Noise Measurement


  • Using the Holzworth HX5100 Electronic Phase Shifters, automated additive phase noise measurements are simplified and fast.
  • Utilises the Holzworth HA7062C with noise floors at -190 dBc/Hz.
  • High performance and cost effective solution for R&D and production applications.

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Fast Phase Noise Measurement of High Performance OCXOs


  • The unique architecture of the Holzworth HA7062C enables use of external high performance LOs for fast phase noise measurement at noise floors better than -190 dBc/Hz
  • The HA7062C's cross correlation engine provides automated phase noise test to reduce test time and save production cost.
  • 'AM Immune' Holzworth hardware design ensures 'AM Noise' does not influence phase noise measurement (Cross Spectral Collapse). 

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Phase Noise Analyzers (Instruments)

  • HA7062C - Phase Noise Analyzer Tunable 5MHz-6.4GHz, 40MHz offset

HA7062C Datasheet

  •   HA7062B - Phase Noise Analyzer Tunable 10MHz - 20GHz, 1MHz Offset

HA7062B Datasheet

  • HA7402B - Phase Noise Engine DUT/LO=10MHz-6.4GHz, 1MHz offset

HA7402B Datasheet

  • Options and Accessories Available


HSM Series Synthesizer Modules (Instruments) Single Channel

  • HSM1001A - 1GHz - RF Synthesiser Module
  • HSM2001A - 2GHz - RF Synthesiser Module
  • HSM3001A - 3GHz - RF Synthesiser Module
  • HSM4001A - 4GHz - RF Synthesizer Module
  • HSM6001A - 6GHz - RF Synthesiser Module
  • HSM12001B - 12.5GHz - RF Synthesiser Module
  • HSM18001B - 20GHz - RF Symthesizer Module

HSM Series 1-6 GHz Datasheet

HSM 12.5 & 20 GHz Datasheet



HSX Series Synthesiser

HSX Series next generation phase coherent Synthesisers with improved spectral purity.

  • 10MHz - 6GHz
  • 10MHz - 10GHz
  • 10MHz - 20GHz

HSX Series Datasheet



HS9000B Series Multi-Channel RF Synthesizers


HS9000B Series multi-channel platform is designed to achieve optimal channel to channel stability across all integrated channel synthesisers via a conductively cooled, fan less enclosure. Specific attention is paid to phase coherently between the independently controllable channels.

  • Improved comms interfacing
  • Optional 5MHz-160MHz reference input
  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • GPIB
  • RS232

HS9000 Series Synthesizers (Instruments) Multi-Channel

  • HS9001A - 1 channel CMOS,1,2,3,4,6 and 20GHz
  • HS9002A - 2 channel CMOS,1,2,3,4,6 and 20GHz
  • HS9003A - 3 channel CMOS,1,2,3,4,6 and 20GHz
  • HS9004A - 4 channel CMOS,1,2,3,4,6 and 20GHz
  • HS9005A - 5 channel CMOS, 1,2,3,4 and 6GHz
  • HS9006A - 6 channel CMOS, 1,2,3,4 and 6GHz
  • HS9007A - 7 channel CMOS, 1,2,3,4 and 6GHz
  • HS9008A - 8 channel CMOS, 1,2,3,4 and 6GHz

HS Series Datasheet



Legacy Synthesizers (Instruments) Single Channel

  • HS1001C - 1GHz - RF Synthesizer
  • HS2001A - 2GHz - RF Synthesizer
  • HS3001A - 3GHz - RF Synthesiser




  • HX2400 - 4GHz LPN Amplifier HX2410 - CW to CMOS Conversion Amplifier
  • HX3100 - 1.2GHz LPN Phase Detector HX3200 - 1.2GHz LPN Power Splitter
  • HX3300 - 4GHz LPN Power Splitter HX3400 - 4GHz LPN Phase Detector HX4110 - 10MHz LPN 10x Frequency Multiplier
  • HX4210 - 100MHz LPN 10x Frequency Divider



  • HACC010 - SMB to BNC Adaptor Cable 3.3ft (1m)
  • HACC007 - AC/DC Adaptor (9V)


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