M-pulse Microwave


RF, Microwave and Millimetre Wave Diodes, Silicon Transistors and MMICs.


PIN Diodes Low Loss, Glass Passivated.
Series PIN Switching Elements High RF Power Handling. Low Inductance. Easy Assembly.
Limiter Diodes Zero Punch Through Characteristics, Low Loss.
Silicon Schottky Diodes Low, Intermediate, Medium, High & Very High Barrier Microwave Schottky Ring Quads. Zero Bias, High Sensitivity, Broadband Operation. Monolithic Bridge Quad: Low Leakage, High Breakdown Voltage.
Mixer Ring Quads Anti Parallel Pairs.
GaAs Schottky Mixer Diodes  
Sampling Phase Detectors Broadband, Phase Locking to 26GHz.
Tunnel Diodes Planar Construction, Zero Bias Detector Operation.
Silicon Tuning Varactors Abrupt and Hyperabrupt, High Q.
Step Recovery Diodes Low Rs.
Silicon Bipolar Transistors Small Signal, Low Noise to 8GHz.
MMICs Silicon Bipolar Monolithic 50ohm Gain Blocks DC to 4GHz.
MNOS Chip Capacitors Low Loss to 18GHz, High Reliability. Silicon Dioxide Dielectric.
Package Styles High Volume Commercial or Screened to MIL-S-19500. Beam Lead and Surface Mount.